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Used Car Buying Tips – Buying a Used Car Guide

Shopping around for big ticket items is always a good idea. Buying a used car is included in this. Low prices attract many a buyer to a used car lot. Actually, there are more people who buy used cars than there are individuals who purchase new cars.

The challenge is, however, that not all used cars are maintained in top notch condition. There are several factors to keep in mind concerning the condition and performance capability of a used car. It’s always a good thing to search out some used car buying tips before starting to look around.

Here are some used car buying tips that will help you make an informed decision.

Buying a Used Car Guide

Used Car Buying Tips 1. Every safety feature of the car should be functional.

This include anti-lock brakes, seat belts, hazard lights and, if applicable, air bags.

Used Car Buying Tips 2. Look at the mileage.

If the mileage is unusually high, you might want to reconsider. If the mileage is unusually low, you might want to find out why.

Used Car Buying Tips 3. Check the over all appearance of the car.

Is the car clean on the inside without rips and tears in the upholster? Is the body free from rust and dents? The condition of the car should be compatible with the age of the car.

Used Car Buying Tips 4. Road test the car.

This is an obvious factor. Don’t be content with a quick trip around the block. Drive the car for several miles on both expressways and side streets. Don’t turn the radio on so you can hear any squeaks, moans or groans that could be a warning sign.

Used Car Buying Tips 5. Get a second opinion.  

If you can get a copy of the service history of the car, that’s great. More importantly, take the car to your own mechanic to have it checked.

Following these tips can save you a great deal of grief and money. No car, no matter how cheap, is worth it if you end up with a long list of repairs to make the car safe to drive. Therefore, make sure to find a good buying a used car guide to make sure you’re ready to go car shopping.

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