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American Racing Wheels Make Your Ride Look Legitimate For Racing

American Racing Equipment Company is the parent company for American Racing Wheels, and they distribute manufacture and market wheels and rims for the racing industry. Offering a wide variety of wheels and rims, they cover all kinds of vehicles including muscle cars, SUVs, and trucks.

They have more than just wheels and rims. They have a large assortment of accessories including metal signs, poster, stickers, banners, care product, replacement gear, headwear, shirts as well as jackets for men and women. All of this can be found at their online store and at various other outlets.

Founded in 1956 by Romeo Palimedes, an early paceleader in drag racing, he collaborated with J. O. Ellison who owned a machine shop. Together they created the next generation in drag racing wheels using a revolutionary design that included magnesium that had a high ratio of strength to weight. These made his wheels like no others on the market. Collaborating with Tom Griffith next, they started a company that has become part of racing wheel and rim history.

American Racing Equipment was officially formed in 1956, as a way of meeting the needs for high-tech, lighter wheels that were needed for the burgeoning street and hot rod racing sport. Over fifty years have passed and American Racing Wheels and American Racing Rims have become synonymous with high-performance wheels for the professional, street and amateur racer.

American Racing Wheels are also on the cutting-edge of the rising Rims phenomenon that swept the United States during the 1960s and continues to present. They offered innovative creations that included the Americans, 5 Spokes and Torq Thrusts. The Torq Thrust is now considered a classic design with its stylish, tapered, parabolic spoke that is both lightweight and comes with an advanced braking cooling system.

This became the model for high performance wheels with custom rim and wheel enthusiasts. Because it was one of the most famous wheels ever made, it was featured in Hot Rod Magazine in 2005 as one of the vehicle parts that was revolutionary in design and manufacture in the car industry. American Racing Wheels and American Racing Rims were reintroduced into the market in 2002 when, in combination with DuPont, they released a new Teflon coated wheel that came from two years of exclusive partnering with the DuPont company. These new wheels were designed to resist brake dust, tested favorably in NASCAR conditions and were extremely easy to clean. Considered the next step in racing wheels, these have become the hallmark stamp of wheel technology.

With over 1700 employees manufacturing over one hundred crafted, precision alloy wheels, their attention to detail, pride in their work and fulfillment of the original vision which Romeo Palamides brought to the company, it now has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and have produced over 3 million dollars in wheels in 2001.

Their designs continue to be classics with series like the ProSeries, Shelby legend and the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. American Racing Wheels, as part of the American Racing Equipment company, have created 40 original designs and have 18 design patents. While American Racing wheels are know for their drag racing and hot rod roots, they consistently deliver trendsetting, off-road wheels including the Baja & Outlaw wheels as well as custom designs for passenger cars, trucks and SUVs. For more information, check out our site

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