Car Detailing Tampa Bay

car detailing tampa bay

Something You Ought To Know About Car Wash Tampa

If you dislike driving a dirty vehicle and you need a car wash Tampa is one place where there are numerous options to choose from. Most importantly, they provide the service you need at the right place and more importantly at the right time. Shampooing of interior carpets

What do you get in a basic car wash?

For basic car wash Tampa auto cleaners provide you:

• Washing with soft water

• Removal of bug and tar

• Hand-drying using microfiber towels

• Exterior waxing

• Wheels and tyre cleaning and dressing

• Exterior window cleaning

How much do you pay?

If you are going for the above basic car wash Tampa is not very expensive and you might have to pay around $55. However if you want your interior windows and interiors to be cleaned and vacuumed and door jams and consoles wiped, then you may have to pay another extra $20 for them.

What is a full detailed car wash?

If you want your car to become brand new from inside out, then a full detailed car wash starting from approximately $150 is what you should go for. Such an overall car wash package apart from the above basic cleaning also includes:

• Deep cleaning of interior windows and door jams

• Cleaning of all door panels and seats, consoles, dashboards, mats, cup holders, headliner, etc.

• Thorough vacuuming of the interior

• All leather and vinyl conditioning treatment

• Shampooing of interior carpets

Who to go to?

For the best deals in car wash Tampa auto cleaning companies that you might check out are:

• Mister Car Wash

• Auto Pros mobile detailing

• Bay Breeze Car Wash

• Auto Spa Car Wash and detail Salon

• Ultimate Car Wash

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your car washed in between meetings, or wherever you want to get that brand new look back!