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Honda Generators - Factsheet on the series of Honda portable generators

Honda is a fine brand that has developed a reputation over the past 40 odd years for good quality machinery at excellent prices. This credo has helped it compete and prosper in the extremely competitive car and motorbike markets. However, Honda is no longer just a company that makes cars and bikes. They have a stable of brand name products and an expanding line in the power tools niche. A prime instance is the Honda portable generators line. They have inevitably carved out a reputation for robust and reliable generators at attractive prices.

When thinking about purchasing a Honda portable generator, make note of the robust and efficient range that is available. Honda generators are truly compact and provide smooth, clean power for recreation, construction, rental, and emergency use. Honda portable generators have been screened by the California Air Resource Boards and meet the standards of all Environmental Protection Agency or EPA regulations.

Different Types Of Honda Portable Generator

The EU series of Honda portable generator is considered the powerhouse of generators. Not withstanding this, it is also very quiet

You could say that they are at the cutting edge of portable power technology. To this extent, you can find an EU series generator that can produce 1000 watts of power through to 6500 watts. This range is also supremely quiet, and fuel-efficient. They are a perfect fit for many home and recreational uses as a back up or primary device (when camping for instance).

The next in thew Honda series of generators is the EM. This rises the bar a bit more than the EU series with regards to the amount of power it can deliver. It can deliver 3800 watts through to 6500 watts. Don't forget, it has many features that suit both the home use and working on a commercial site. In fact, should the EM series be used in the home as a contingency back up system or general purpose situations, it has the capacity to perform both roles with aplomb.

When you need maximum power then look no further than the EB series of Honda portable generator. These generators are ideal for commercial uses but can also be used in the home (but obviously the cost a bit more than the other models). They bring up to 10500 watts of power to a job such that many things can be handled on construction sites through to fair ground attractions.

I should also mention the discount range or series of Honda portable generators. These are the EN and EG series. They are noted for their type price, sturdy reliability and middle of the range power output. They can deliver around 2500 to 5000 watts of power.  They are generally regarded as the no frills model but this ensure you can get an excellent generator at a low price.

So cast an eye over the honda portable generator options. not only are they stamped with the Honda reliability and quality but you can get them at excellent prices too.

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