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Why Is Barbie Glam Vacation House Toy Becoming The Hot New Toy For Christmas 2010?

Is there a name in the toy world extra synonymous with girlhood than Barbie? This lovable doll hit the shelves in 1959 and her fame has risen ever since, to the point that the name is identified in every single household across the country and almost certainly the world. Barbie has had nearly each career on the planet with a car and home to go along with it, not to mention pets, friends, movies and video games. One all time favorite on the other hand has to be the houses along with the Barbie dollhouse furniture.

Pink 3 Story Town House

One of the most well-known “dream house” options is the pink 3-story town home. This is a substantial Barbie home with actual working lights, sounds, elevator and even a fireplace. The Barbie dollhouse furniture for this beauty are equal to their surroundings. Glamorous purple and pink selections will thrill any young girl who is really a Barbie fan. Furniture includes but just isn’t limited to:

* White four poster canopy bed complete with pink sheer curtains
* White and pink chiffrobe
* Purple dining table with pink heart backed chairs
* Kitchen set in pink, purple and white
* Glamour Jacuzzi tub, in you guessed it Pink!

Glam Vacation House

Each and every hardworking girl needs a place to relax and Barbie continually goes in style with her glam vacation house. This basic house is a hit with parents and kids alike. Kids like the cool glamorous Barbie dollhouse furniture such as bed, bar and stool, couch, and coffee table. Parents take pleasure in the fast assembly and portability of the home. Children can play for hours and then pack the home away out of sight at bedtime.

Dream Home

Not discussion about Barbie dollhouse furniture is complete with out touching on the Dream Home! This is Barbie’s wonderful achievement, the dream home each little girl aspires to. This is really a three story property that stands approximately three feet tall and offers hours of imaginative play. There are numerous rooms for your princess to decorate including the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room (with working chute) and significantly extra. Pick from a range of bedroom, living room and kitchen furniture. There are numerous distinctive pieces of Barbie dollhouse furniture, which includes brightly colored sofas, love seats, table’s chairs, beds and appliances. There just just isn’t room to name them all!


Barbie dollhouse furniture could be discovered at several retail outlets around the world. Pieces are typically designated for each kind of house, for instance you’ve got the dream line of furniture too as townhouse, vacation and Malibu locations. The great factor is most of this furniture will interchange, so you could set up the Glam pool at the town house and the dream bed in the Malibu house, the only thing limiting your little one is imagination, and maybe the spending budget!

For a lot more assist finding plastic dollhouse furniture and to come across extra facts on barbie doll houses please go to our site right now.

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