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I just arrived in Canada. How can I get approved for a car loan?

Canada is known for it’s vast land and multicultural diversity.  Many people immigrate to Canada by the thousands each year.  They come here in search of employment and opportunity.  A lot of new immigrants want to start working as soon as they land.  They search for jobs and work hard to start saving some money.  Most of the time they have some family that they can stay with until they can get on their feet but the one thing that may hold them back is transportation.  While large cities have adequate transit systems, some cities don’t cater to travel outside of the downtown hub.  This is difficult for those who need to get to work but don’t have the means to get there.  So, the next logical step is to get a car.  Here’s where most people get discouraged.


Having been here for a couple months, even with a steady job may prove to be daunting for immigrants

when they discover that they have not been able to establish any credit yet.  They may walk into a dealership and expect that because they can afford a car that they are able to get the car they want.  Maybe back home the process is different and people are often surprised on how much their credit or lack of credit plays a role in getting approved.  Even with some money down, the new car they so desire is unattainable as they haven’t been able to establish that all so important credit.  The best start when arriving is to apply for a credit card with a low limit.  Use it and pay it monthly so you can get a start.


When it comes to the all important car, there are options out there.  Luckily there are dealerships that cater to bad credit or no credit customers.  They will finance the customers at a higher interest rate but usually for a car that they agree they can afford monthly.  They can then start to make regular payments on a large ticket item like a car where their payments help their credit score develop because they are showing good habits when it comes to credit.  After 6 months to a year they can revisit their score and now re-negotiate their current loan to get a more favourable interest rate.  Because they have been able to prove that they can pay their loan on time they are now in a better position than when they just arrived 6 months or a year ago.  Most importantly, the job that they obtained an needed was able to happen because they had the transportation to get there with their car loan and dealership.


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