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Im 28, born and still living in Rhode Island. Can I sue my father now for back child support? Read details?

My dad was separated when he and my mom dated. They got engaged, and planned to have me. After I was born, he chose to go back to his wife without telling my mom, all the while dating my mom on the side. He broke up with mom a few years later. He “tried” to see me but was an alchoholic and never showed. He later got clean and shut off total contact with us. My question; Im 28, born and still living in Rhode Island. Can I sue him now for back child support owed to me? My mom never took legal action cause she loved him. We lived in poverty, on welfare and still struggle. He has 2 houses (in RI & FL) and spends his time on his boat or at the golf club. He provided all of his legitimate children & grandkids with comfy lives, tuition, cars etc. All I wanted was a loving father. Ive reached out to him many times, never wanted it this way. My mom now has MS and needs help. She worked hard to give me a good life, being my mom and dad in a time where 2 parents were the norm. What can I do?

No. Child support is like it states, to support the child. With you being and adult, you are not entitled to it.

In regards to your mother having MS, she should try to apply for social security disability or any other State benefits that may assist her.