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Luxurious Cars & Homes for Auction! holds auctions for luxury cars and prime real estate, giving customers the chance to purchase them for startlingly low prices. This is where you get that Porsche you always wanted. auctions luxury cars and homes at stupendously low prices, with savings of up to 90 per cent on market rates. Pittsburgh, PA: Affiliate marketers, pick up your socks. By promoting Choose the Price on your web site, you stand to make as much as 70 per cent of every sale that the web site makes ( “Every day thousands of homes and vehicles of all makes and models are seized by the government and financial institutions,” says Paul Mileny of “These properties are then auctioned off for extremely low prices, and makes these available to everybody online.” (available at covers every US state, and it makes seized properties available to the general public for the first time. The web site is the official source of government vehicle repossessions, with detailed databases of thousands of cars, many of which start at prices of $100. In real estate, arranges for the sales of homes repossessed by various federal, state, and local government and law enforcement agencies, as well as banks and lending institutions. Homes go for as little as $10,000 and a searchable database makes it easy for browsers to choose their property and bid. “ChooseThePrice.Com delivers!” says David Shepherd of Norfolk, VA, who saved almost $30,000 on a BMW SUV. “I was able to buy a Beemer, and on my salary I was looking for compact cars, even though I really always wanted a luxury SUV.” About auctions off seized property such as luxury cars and magnificent real estate, giving customers the chance to buy these properties for a fraction of their market rates. For more information, please visit

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