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Used car dealer, NJ drivers see the value of the Nissan Cube

Design has never been an important part of buying a car for me – that is, unless you’re talking about design that contributes to functionality. In terms of having a flashy, attractive looking car…well, that’s a great extra, but for me it’s all about buying a car that works for what I need it for, regardless of how it looks. Buying Nissan in NJ is also a regular activity of mine, and some of what the popular brand is putting on the market soon has been intriguing to me. There is at least one car that you won’t find at your NJ used car dealer this year, and it’s the 2010 Nissan Cube, one of the strangest looking cars on the market with appetite for utility.

The Nissan Cube is definitely a blocky looking hatchback, and you can tell that it’s been imported from an Asian country because, well, that’s the kind of design you could only get away with in a culture entirely different from ours. Still, fans of Nissan in NJ are wondering if the release of the Cube on U.S. shores could have future implications for design in the auto industry. But where the Cube really pays off is in ease of use and utility, two of the areas that I value the most as a driver. You won’t find anything quite like it at your NJ used car dealer, which means you also won’t be able to enjoy this kind of functionality in any used car you’re thinking of buying.

In terms of height, the car offers tons of headroom for maximum comfort. Oh yeah, the width isn’t too shabby, either. All in all, cargo room is certainly accommodated for when you are driving this Nissan in NJ. The doors swing open wide, revealing nearly shapeless seats, and the giant rear hatch makes it laughably simple to load cargo into the utilitarian vehicle. This is the kind of car that will actually get you places with your stuff, even though it looks like a box on wheels. Just ask any NJ used car dealer: the practicality you get from a Nissan Cube blows every other car on the market completely out of the water, scouts honor. And if you don’t believe us, then you should go in and give her a test-drive.

The interior of the Cube is simple and minimalist, a fact that helps drive an even bigger appreciation for what the Cube does in terms of practicality. It’s great to see such an innovative car rising in the mainstream, especially one that hit it big in a country that is so different from ours. This isn’t the only differentiator that Nissan has in its arsenal, with electric models getting set to hit the big time in the next couple of months. The Nissan Leaf, coupled with the Cube, should help change the way we view our driving experience. It’s good to know that automakers like Nissan are trying to change the industry for the better.

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Arthur Ashcraft is a blogger and auto enthusiast who writes about new innovations in the industry. His article features information on Nissan in NJ dealers and a NJ used car dealer.

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