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Goodwill Keystone Area was formed when three individual Goodwill Industries locations joined together. Goodwill Industries of Central (Harrisburg), Mid-Eastern (Reading), and Southeastern (Lancaster), PA joined forces to better help people in Pennsylvania. This has proven to be a great idea and has allowed them to help even more people than they did before.

This fall, they will hold the Goodwill Runway Show: Secondhand Chic at The Designers’ Place at Vanity Fair Outlets, in Reading, Pennsylvania. Contact Jennifer Schley at 717-525-6208 for more information. Events like this are only one part of what Goodwill Industries does all over the country.

Using donated items from citizens (even donated cars!), Goodwill Industries is able to generate revenue to fund programs to help with job training and job placement. If that’s not enough of a reson to donate, the donated items are always sold at reasonable prices to people who can’t afford to spend a lot of money. This means that the donations help people in two different ways.

One of the best ways to help Goodwill Keystone Area (or any of the other Goodwill Industries charities) is by donating your vehicle. A large donation like a car or truck can go a long way towards funding their efforts. Whether it’s by selling the car at a reasonable price to someone who really needs transportation or selling the car at an auction to raise money for other programs, your used vehicle will be a big help to the charity.

You might not think that donating a car will really help people but the truth is it can. If you’d like to donate a vehicle to a Goodwill Industries in another state or county, you will be interested to know about Charity Dispatch. Charity Dispatch can make sure that your donated vehicle goes to the Goodwill Industries of your choice, anywhere in the country.

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