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6 Steps to Tapping Into Free Forum Traffic

Web traffic is critical to your online success. Without web traffic you will flounder and die online. With web traffic you have a chance to being successful. Even with web traffic you must consistently test and track everything that you do and drop the losers and bump up the effort on the winners for maximum results.

To achieve the highest levels of web traffic, you must be willing to take massive action. Massive action is the action of taking action to the fullest level, willing yourself to take 10x the action that any other normal marketer would take. Do you want to be normal, to be average? If so, you might as well go back to the TV and pick up a bag of potato chips. You see, the average person online FAILS!

You must become above average or die online.

So, how to generate massive traffic with forums?

1) Find 20 forums in your online niche. For example, if you sell car parts online, type in “car parts forums” into your favorite search engine, I recommend Google.

2) Join all 20 of those forums.

3) Create a signature file that has your name and link to your website. Do not put a sales message–just your info.

4) Go into the introductions section of the forum and introduce yourself. Just your name, where you are from, your hobbies, and that you are into car parts. Log off.

5) The following day, begin to surf the forum, looking for questions that have been asked to which you know the answers. Give the answers. Do not try to sell anything of your own. Answer 5 questions in each forum. Log off.

6) Continue to answer 5 questions per day in each forum.

To achieve massive results, you must take massive action. You will not get many hits and probably no sales the first few weeks of posting to forums. You see, it is not like typical direct response advertising, where you have your ad posted and you get clicks and sales. This is different. This is about relationship. You must create a relationship with the people in the forum, and they must begin to see you as the answer man. Then they will buy from you. You see, they do not buy from the link, they buy from you personally, but for that to happen, they have to get to know you first.

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