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Club Card Flyers Printing: How to Make Your Event Invitations Work

Club card flyers printing provides you with a very cost effective way of marketing your products and events. But if you see your fliers in the trash can hours before your event, it is a sure fire sign that you should evaluate your club card flyer design.

The club cards should embody the look and the feel of your event. Here are some things to consider when you design your club cards:

Creating Club Cards for Formal Events

• When making the design for flyers to be used in formal events like galas, openings, dinners, product launching and induction ceremonies, your flyers should have an air of credibility. The look should be official, sophisticated, and formal.

• Size is also an important factor to consider. On events like baptismal parties, wedding ceremonies, receptions or golden anniversaries, you should consider using a 5×7 inch club card flyer as invitations. Why? Because a 5×7 inch club card flyer gives you just enough space to hold texts or messages. The more 5×7 postcard sufficiently accommodates more text that allows you to personalize your postcard further. You can use short poems or any type of prose, a list of principal sponsors, personal messages even gift registry.

• On the other hand, a 4×6 inch club card is ideal for using as invitation flyers for parties. This size allows the club card to act as a teaser. It is short enough to be intriguing, but long enough to include event details. This size is also very convenient for your target audience since it fits perfectly in most planners, ladies’ hand bags, and gentlemen’s coat pockets.

Club Cards for Informal Events

Since informal events are packaged to be fun and exciting, your club card flyer should be designed with the idea of youth and liveliness at heart. Think of college parties, soirees, and fund raiser fairs and bazaars.

• You should make use of custom sizes offered by digital printing companies. You can try printing on small sizes like 3 x 5 almost similar to a business card, with your slogan in front and details in small print at the back. You can also choose to print in larger sizes too that can some in at standard sizes up to 11 x 17..

• Use high gloss paper in your club card flyers. Give it an added gloss feel and makes it as rich as you possibly can – bringing out the colors of your designs and giving it a smoother feel.

• And when the budget allows it, you can use die cutting to further improve your design. Give away a car shaped club card flier for the launching of your new car collection, car expos and shows or you can send out a martini glass shaped club card flier as invitation for a cocktail party. Easily shape it to the theme of your event and make it as unique as possible.

You can also go online to see what options printing companies have to customize your designs. Use your imagination and explore the different possibilities you have with club card flyers printing.

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