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With the progress of children's toys with the times

Despite the financial crisis now, but the industry predicted: China’s toy sales in 2010 will reach 100 billion yuan.

Children’s toys made from mud from a few decades ago to the development of various high-tech car toy car. More and more high-end toys, parents no longer worry about the kids no toys to play with toys but would like to how to keep hands and the ability to contain the child’s imagination.

Remote control car VS mud-terrain vehicle

Liu Bin and nephew are with open birthday gift. Full 6-year-old nephew, Liu Bin, gave him a remote control toy SUV, four-wheel drive with the brakes, you can roll obstacle. Good to install the remote control battery, toy car rampage in the living room, you can also roll climbing stairs, he appeared excited than the nephew also, holding the remote control does not let go. Bin now is near the train station in Nanchong, a gym fitness instructor, even though nearly 30 years old, he was the first time play this thing, “playing up really quickly, this toy has spent more than 600 pieces, almost half of my wages. ”

Liu Bin told reporters that his childhood toys basically do their own. At that time most children good time and mud trucks. His home has a very sticky loess, and the water can Nipping out a folded to a variety of things. Children would choose the best of loess, and then find a smooth blue flagstone, and then broken jar fitted to water and mud. “Mud to and many times, not too much water to put a lot less bad squeeze too hard, too thin a difficult shape. And well, the have to keep rubbing, like kneading dough as knead until cooked the things that can be pinched. “modeling is very simple car, a four-block plus four clay wheels. But after doing a good job would be operating well and spend a lot of thought: the body can not be too heavy, or the wheels can not afford, so to shape into an empty body, and then add the roof, you can dig out a few windows. 4 axle is the same length of bamboo, usually replaced with leftover Popsicle. With axle, mounted on wheels, the car will do the work. The next car into the shade of the mud dry, and can not be placed under the sun, so easy to crack.

After 45 days on the shape of the car, kids will work out their own competition to see who the car performed very well, to open too neatly. “Although no money to buy toys, but so many children with DIY toys, also do not have a taste.” Bin remember that in addition to mud truck, we will be doing slingshot, paper guns, bows and arrows. Wanni Ba car, do slingshot childhood memories are short, LIU Bin do not know then hidden in the big trees of those cars is not long into the mud in a pool of mud, but before the catapult do not know where to go throw up.

“Seven eighties of last century, children’s toys is very simple, a plastic whistle, but a few cents, they will imitate the People’s Liberation Army, small groups lined up in the yard before the line, walking whistle.” Journey to the West ” When hit with the kind of plastic to do the Monkey King, and later, toy car, small plane began to rise, and then later that Altman, have electronic pet dog, Transformers, etc.. “laments toys too fast Bin , and dazzling.

Best Gyro Gyro transfiguration of wood

6-year-old Pu Kai has a great Transformers?? Optimus Prime, it was American movies, “Transformers” hit, his father bought clamoring for. In addition to solid plastic body, as well as metal accessories, look imposing. One to school, he would be home in the city in Spring Road, the home of music communities out with other children to show off.

However, Kellogg Community in now is the world’s best tops are popular, the children regularly in the district Yuanba “race top.” Po Kai to reporters his Best Gyro. Best gyro is divided into two parts, one revolver, one brake body. Play, the rotating body stuck in the brake body above, and then a white bar for a smoke, top will fly off, Su Zhe’s wings will be opened with the gyro spinning. Po Kai to get his top had a famous name “flying thunderbolt.” He and the district’s children also performed a variety of flying gyroscope way across the top of the head, from the crotch stayed, the sideways seating arrangement of. In addition to race more than anyone else’s turn gyro was a long time, more than anyone else’s pose is also cool.

Po Cathay gyro, my father staring at Po On Construction and Materials Association in the next, lest the children pull top rod when the injury to the eyes of each other. In his memory, a child’s top is made of wood, generally used in the seed oil of tea, top-shaped knife shaved, and then nailed nails at the bottom, rotating up to lasting wear. “We are a group of children play in a flat wooden top. Tic gyroscope is a palm leaf torn filaments, tied to the wooden handle on, like the whisk that.” Play, first hand a pair of gyroscope turn up, then ” whisk “kept twitching it, so as to have spin down.

Po Po Kai Kin Yip said that the world’s best top than he was a boy playing with wooden tops more advanced, Po Kai almost filled with his toys home lockers. Toy guns have come to light 10, a small pistol, air rifle, various models, sizes, covered the walls. The car is also infinite in number, large thumb, palm-sized, and the kids can get on to the cable car. “A child’s novelty was short-lived, a new toy out there, he clamored to buy. On such a child, only by the his.” Po Kin Yip said.

From the beginning of a simple plastic toys, wind-up toys later, to the batteries in the toys later, and can recognize the voices, according to the instructions to do various different people smart toys. It is learned: China’s toy manufacturing industry in 2006 to achieve total industrial output value of 76 billion yuan.
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