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Image is Everything – Secrets to Cleaning Car Fleets

A current survey indicated that clean Taxi Cabs Fleets have higher tip rates and repeat buyers. How do you wash a taxicab? You do them 4 at a time and also you go up and over and up and over once you are drying them. If they’ve just a little taxi cab sign, dry that final. But you do the rest of the car the way you do a regular vehicle. The only distinction is you’re going to spray 3, 4, five, at times six vehicles at a time. Then one more crewmember is going to follow behind you and do all of the windows really properly. You do a fast vacuum with a taxicab. Seriously, you do not want to be in that taxicab for much more then a minute or a minute plus a half. Now most taxicabs are generally scratched and they look like crap. This is something you are going to have to cope with. This is just the way they’re going to look which is very good for you personally simply because they’re not expecting a ideal job. They just want them to appear clean because they’ve their logo on them. Taxi firms are extremely low spending budget operations and low cost will get you the account. Some taxicabs are owned by independent contractors. You’ll must charge much more because the volume isn’t there. Staging areas at massive airports are an excellent spot to come across plenty of taxicabs.


Rent-a-cars nowadays are mostly little, tiny vehicles that get really good gas mileage. They’re Toyota Tercels, Ford Contours and Dodge Neons and things like that. You can wash a Dodge Neon in your sleep in about 3 minutes. Really simple to clean, really, really effortless and that is crucial. You want some accounts that are straightforward. 3 dollars is fair for exteriors, 5 dollars for in and out is fine. It really is essential to have efficiency when washing rent-a-cars. No far more than two minutes for vacuuming. You only need to clean the windows that are dirty. You don’t need to clean all the windows on a rent-a-car, just exactly where you see fingerprints. You want to wipe off the dash really quick, wipe about the center console and use cleaner on the sticky stuff. Hit the inside windows which can be dirty, wash the outside. You want to do them five, six at a time and you desire to dry them off real quick, ensure the windows are clean and go to the subsequent vehicle. Rent-a-cars are really very good funds. You need to charge an additional two dollars for taking out carpet stains. Use some Folex cleaner or advanced carpet stain remover, some type of somewhat carpet brush and a towel to wipe up whatever you precipitate at the top of the carpet following you’ve got it wet. The carpet remover must come off on the towel. There will usually be trash in rent-a-cars, lots of trash. You need to have a bucket ready which you just put trash in and move it from vehicle to vehicle. Dump it just before you leave. Generally rent-a-cars will have a Dempsey Dumpster about the back where you can dump all of one’s trash.

Rent-a-car organizations are very cautious and exacting as to what occasions of day they want their vehicles washed. They may have a whole bunch of vehicles in on Monday mornings and want you to do cars on Monday mornings. You might be going to must do the vehicles at that time. They are almost certainly going to want them done before eight o’clock within the morning. So should you be carrying out the cars prior to eight o’clock inside the morning and you’ll find twenty or thirty rent-a-cars, it truly is really really serious which you get them all done in time. The rent-a-car business is paying you so they do not must drive them to the auto wash. It really is rather important which you get them carried out on time. It is really effortless to obtain them all carried out should you work efficiently. You’re undertaking them six at a time. If you have twenty vehicles to complete, you’ll need to have them carried out by eight thirty to nine o’clock and also you are carrying out them six at a time, you should have twenty-four cars done in an hour should you be really flying by way of them and you have the best crew. So pay attention to this. You are able to afford to do the cars for five dollars every single since the job comes out to about 1 hundred dollars an hour. Take into consideration this for a second. Think about the time and efficiency and how fast can you do them. This attitude is what will enable you to choose up the rent-a-car firm accounts. Should you can do them quite, extremely rapidly and also you can do them not perfectly but excellent enough to create them happy, there’s a lot of funds in rent-a-car washing. Our crews in other towns already wash for: Spending budget, Avis, Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise and usually can afford to wash them and retain a profit at only $5.00 per car.

Police Vehicles

It really is time to talk about police cars. We just saw a police car go the other way with his lights on. In any situation, police cars, how do you wash a police vehicle? Nicely initial of all, you wash it like you would wash any regular vehicle but you want to ensure you clean the light bar really nicely. You usually do not need to spray water inside the light bar, you will screw up the electronics. You also do not want to, but some of our guys enjoy to complete it, spray water inside the PA speaker on the front of the police automobile that is mounted by the bumper. The reason they like to complete that’s because it burns them outs and provides them a short. So, you should not do that. Now beneath the seats of a police car you find all types of cool stuff. Finest to hand it over to the authorities and not smoke it your self. You may discover crazy stuff under the seats of a police automobile exactly where that you are going to have to clean. Depending on how you feel you are able to either vacuum the stuff up or put it into just a little bag and give it to the watch commander. You need to dust the radios inside of the police automobile, but you might have to be cautious not to turn any knobs. You can find often bugs on the light bars, but you can not blast off the bugs as considerably as you’d like to. You really should soap them off and not blast them off. Often the light bars get genuine brittle on the older police vehicles. You’ll be able to truly blast appropriate via them. I’ve completed it before.

For some cause police like to go four X 4′ ing when they are going through center dividers so that you can catch a terrible criminal including a speeder. They are going to go off road and do whatever; maybe they’re just having fun. So you have to make certain that you clean all of the mud off the police vehicles, they are a bit bit muddier then most vehicles. The bottoms of the police cars are usually muddy and they’re going to need hand soaping. Police vehicles are usually black and white. Typically the white component is exactly where the door is so the policeman knows where to obtain in. The rest of the auto is black. Now the part of the vehicle that is black, keep in mind it really is black. Should you be carrying out police vehicles in the sun and also you are attempting to do them three at a time, you might have somewhat difficulty obtaining to all of them. Some cities have police vehicles which can be all white cars or all green cars or a mixture and that makes it a bit bit simpler.

You will find specific further issues you’ve got to watch for when cleaning police cars. Do not have a bunch of stuff out of one’s truck when you are washing a line of police vehicles. An individual might run out of the developing and wish to take their car. Should you cannot move the truck in time you may really frustrate that officer. He desires to appear official and squeal the tires out of the parking lot so you might also just let him do whatever he desires to complete.

Driving School Vehicles

Driving school vehicles are essentially just like rent-a-car companies. The only difference is you need to spend a bit more time on the dash board as well as a lot of time on the windows. You most likely need to get 5 or six dollars each. This is giving them a deal simply because normally you charge ten dollars for in and out.

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