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The Benefits Of Satellite TV Compared To Cable TV.

Are you among those who are starting to get fed up with the service and pricing by your cable company? Does your bill seem to increase from month to month and half the channels you are paying for are either home shopping channels or some kind of advertising channels? Have you as so many others been considering switching to satellite TV but don’t quite know if it is worth it?

The number one thing most people consider when they want to buy something or switch from one company to another is the price. Who is the cheaper one and where do you get the most for your money? Pricing for cable TV and satellite TV have huge differences. Satellite TV is less expensive than Cable TV due to many additional costs that are related to Cable TV: franchise fees, taxes, plus costs for any pay per view services, and equipment costs.

When it comes to the amount of channels you can receive with satellite TV, these are many more than what you can receive from your cable company. Generally with satellite TV you also get better reception and a better picture quality than what you get with cable. What is also a plus for many is that there is no need to drill holes in your walls to get that cable in your house.

Most features offered by cable TV is also available with satellite TV. For example; the bigger dish companies offer their own variety of high-speed internet via broadband as well as providing electronic program guides, parental controls and automated timers.
Cable TV does provide some of these services but has by far as many interactive services as satellite TV.

In general Satellite TV has more interactive services than Cable TV. Digital services like Dish Network’s DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which gives the option to rewind while recording even in live broadcasts, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), Instant Weather, video on demand, etc. are all available on Satellite TV, but not all are available on Cable TV.

Bottom line is; satellite TV gives you more options as far as channels and programming than cable TV, it has better picture quality and is on the overall less expensive than cable TV. Why not take that next step and switch over to satellite TV? It just might save you a few dollars and give you more quality programming and channels.

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