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How Can a Skinny Guy Build Muscle Bulk?

I knew some guys in high school who were as skinny as a rail. In fact, they were so thin that their friends would keep saying if they were to audition, they would win the role of stick man in the school play. Ouch! Most of these guys would take comments like that in jest but deep down they actually struggled with the thought of being skinny. They wanted to be built like the jocks on the football team. The problem was that they didn’t know how. And I’m sure the constant question was, “how can a skinny guy build muscle bulk?”

For many of these guys a lack of muscle wasn’t the result of a lack of trying. They were training, eating, and reading all the muscle mags. They talked to coaches, trainers, and buddies, (some of who played football or wrestled) about things they could do to change…but still nothing came of it. After awhile, these guys just gave up on the idea of ever gaining any decent amount of muscle.

Is this your story too? Have you ever asked or do you want to know how can a skinny guy build muscle bulk?

Well, first let’s start with the basics. In order for a skinny guy to build muscle bulk, it requires 3 things.

· Proper Eating

· Proper Training

· AVOID reading muscle mags

The body needs the fuel that food supplies in order to build muscle bulk and add weight and still perform at an optimum level. But the fuel needs to be the best for your engine to do that job. Otherwise it would be just trying to run your car engine by filling up the tank with pudding. Sure it might taste good but how far will it run on that kind of fuel. (Think complex carbs.)

One of the most important factors for a skinny guy to build muscle bulk, most definitely is proper training. You need to lift the right amount of weight the right number of times using the proper form in order to get results. In this way, it reminds me a breaking open a locked door. You have to apply the right pressure and correct form for a certain number of tries in order to actually kick the door open. (Achieve the result you were going for.)

Last but not least: avoid, discard, throw away, walk away or better yet run away from muscle magazines and anyone who is trying to give you advice about lifting when they never came from the place in which you are coming from. In short, magazines are only trying to sell you supplements, (count the number of pages that are simply ads in any one of those mags, you’d be amazed! They push their products more than the training articles), and most of the he-mans lifting the massive weights were already born with that genetic ability. Or, he’s taking some nasty dangerous artificial supplement to cheat. What does he know about you and your genetics? He’s never been in your shoes.

Your best bet is to find a skinny guy who has achieved muscle building success. He’s the one who can answer your questions and give you the truth about how can a skinny guy build muscle bulk.

About the Author

I know a skinny guy with absolutely no muscle, but he packed on over 40 pounds of muscle bulk in less than 6 months using a program he created. There is too much information to put in this article. The rest of the details can be found at www.buildmusclebulk.com. He proves that anyone can change their body…and changing your body…will change your life.

Of course his technique is for people who are serious about adding some real muscle bulk to their bodies. Here is the link again to build muscle bulk. Good luck in your training!

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