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Is An IT Franchise For You?

Not every type of business is right for every IT consultant, but many choose to buy into an IT franchise. You have several options when you decide to start a technology business and an IT franchise is just one of those options.

The two main choices most consultants face is whether to buy into an IT franchise or become an independent IT consultant.   Which choice is right for you depends on whether you want to build your business completely by yourself or take a few shortcuts. But just because you have some shortcuts doesn’t mean everything is done for you. So if you’re buying into an IT franchise, you need to be prepared to up the ante in a lot of ways. 

The following 3 tips can help you think clearly when you are choosing which type of IT business is right for you.

1) Think about Your Personality Traits… Not Just Your Technical Skills. You certainly need some technical skills and a general love of computers to be successful in an IT services business. But you also need to be able to work well with people and be able to build strong relationships. Gauge your abilities in the following two areas of personality: being assertive; thinking with a head for business. You need to be assertive, but not overly obnoxious if you want to start any type of business. You also need to be able to stick up for yourself without being too aggressive with prospects, customers, clients and potential partners. When it comes to thinking in business terms, you need to put your business goals ahead of being perceived as nice. Most likely, you will not be able to always be the nice guy or gal, whether you start an IT franchise or some other type of IT business. Always think about what is important to succeeding long term and put your business financial needs over your desire to work with cutting-edge technology. Your clients pay the bills. So you have to work well with them and sometimes even put your need for technical skills career gratification aside to build relationships for the long-term.

2) Starting an IT Franchise is a Business of Sweat Equity. No matter which type of business you start, you will have several months during the start-up phase of really hard work with little to perhaps modest financial gain. An IT franchise doesn’t come with a guaranteed client list. You need to be out pounding the pavement, shaking hands and getting your name out there. You also need to be diligent about following up on all of your leads, sales calls, and pending proposals. This will all be happening before anyone pays you a dime. Just because you are buying an IT franchise with some set rules, and best practices, does not mean your problems will go away overnight. Be realistic about pros and cons and what will work best for you before you decide which type of IT business to start.

3) Remember that No Two IT Business Owners Are the Same. Just because buying an IT franchise is the right decision for some doesn’t mean it’s the right decision for you. Think carefully about your goals and dreams you have for your IT business along with your skills, available time and financial capital. Then you can decide how you will start your IT business, with an IT franchise or something different.

In this article we discussed 3 IT franchise tips to help you decide which type of IT business to start. Learn more about how you can get great, steady, high-paying clients for your IT franchise or other type of IT business now at  

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Joshua Feinberg is the author and editorial director of the Computer Consulting Kit Home Study Course, which helps computer consultants, VARs, integrators, solution providers, and managed services providers get more of the best, steady, high-paying small business (SMB) clients.

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