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Auto Detailing Tips: Is Teflon Car Wax The Best Choice?

New car paint should last at least three years with no maintenance, but it’s always better to stay ahead of the game and take care of your car’s exterior. Protecting it from outside elements like sun and dirt go a long way to keeping your car’s body in top condition.

Besides washing a car regularly, it’s also recommended that you finish off the job with a car wax or sealant. Not only will the paint look shiny and new, but the wax also provides much needed protection from damaging sun rays and more.

For years, manufacturers have been touting the wonders of Teflon car wax. But are these products really more effective in keeping your car’s exterior paint shiny and protected from the elements? Or is sticking with the tried and true carnauba waxes just as beneficial?

Thanks to advertising and marketing tactics, the name “Teflon” has become synonymous over the decades with products that keep something safe with a hard, protective surface or shield. But what is “Teflon?”

The term really refers to a brand name created by the DuPont Corporation, relating to their line of polytetrafluorethylene products. These synthetic polymers, or PTFE, are typically found in cookware, providing a non-stick surface for pots and pans.

So it’s not actually the “Teflon” in your skillet that keeps your eggs from sticking, but rather, the polymers used in the manufacturing that provide the true protection.

That means that when you’re shopping for car waxes, you may not need a “Teflon” coating, but instead, seek out sealants containing polymer, as that’s the real magic to maintaining a paint job that’s shiny and protected from the great outdoors.

How well do these fancy, scientific waxes work? There’s no doubt that polymer car waxes are more effective and will outlast traditional carnauba waxes.

As technology and engineering advancements improve, you no longer have to choose a wax that only does one or two things. Now, you can find polymer car sealants that not only make your paint job look beautiful and provide protection, but also repel dust, inhibit UV rays, and are easier than ever to apply.

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