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automatic car wash parts

The Advantage of Touchless Car Wash Over Hand Car wash

Unlike some other business ventures, a car wash business is much less likely to end in failure. Even though it might seem financially risky to start such a business during tough economic times, the service it provides is still needed by millions. Almost everyone has a car and everyone needs to get their car washed. Because the price of getting a car washed is reasonable, you should have no trouble finding a steady stream of customers. Truly, the only consideration you have to make before starting up your business is deciding which is more valuable, the more traditional hand car wash or a touchless car wash system.

Hand car washes take a lot of man power. Physically washing multiple cars can be an exhausting process. Because of the time needed to scrub with cloths, rinse, wax and dry, the process of washing a single car can take up a lot of time. You can speed up the process by hiring a whole team of car washers, but then you increase expenses and decrease profits.

With a touchless car wash system, the equipment does all the hard work using high-pressure water and detergent. Nothing else comes into contact with the vehicle, the agitation of the chemicals combing with the water applied through high pressured nozzles effectively cleans the exterior. A touchless car system also gets the job done in much less time than hand washing. This also allows a business to expand and add in additional car services such as waxes and special gloss treatments.

Because the process is touchless, there is no worry of human error, such as an employee who accidentally puts a scratch on a window or paint during the cleaning process. Automated friction machines, those that use brushes can also leave scratches on a paint job or break an antenna. High quality machines are even designed to clean the wheels and rims. With a touchless system, you can also cater to customers looking for a more environmentally friendly car wash. Using environmentally responsible detergents and conserving or even recycling water.

Of course, a touchless car wash is an expensive piece of equipment. Because it is designed to wash dozens of cars each hour however, you bring in more money. The equipment is also designed for longevity and built to be durable. One consideration for touchless car systems is choosing a piece of equipment which uses standard parts. This will allow you to quickly make repairs without having to wait for expensive custom parts and makes the equipment much easier to maintain.

Dryers and entry systems can also be purchases along with touchless systems to take your car washing enterprise completely automatic. With an automatic touchless system you can leave your business open 24 hours a day, ensuring your services are available to those who need an emergency cleaning or need to wash their car before going in to work. These entry systems are also designed to support loyalty programs which can be used to encourage customers to wash their cars more frequently and can be an enticement for first time customers. With the right location and an advanced touchless car wash system, you can create a car washing empire that rewards you with high profits.

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