Automatic Car Wash Equipment Cost

automatic car wash equipment cost

Ways to Manage a Car Wash

Ways to Manage a Car Wash 

You may be a having a brisk business at your car wash point. Apparently the joint seems to be full of customers waiting in line to get their cars washed. You are enjoying profits. This is not everything achieved. The truth is that you are losing huge share of profits due to your traditional machines. Your customer turnover per day is not up to the mark and you are missing on profits. The modern technology can make the difference.

The recent technologies can bring back your profits certainly. The car wash time taken by will be reduced and you will be able to cater to many customers during a day. It will in turn reduce the number of consumers waiting in line for car wash and the traffic will be very well managed. You will be saved from unpleasant occurrences due to longer waiting period.

Traffic Management

The modern technology has made the traffic management very simple. The automatic entry and loading system is a boon to your business without involving manpower cost. You should select the car wash system, which complements your needs so that the benefits you get are employed for customer satisfaction.

Automatic Entry

Computer programmed entry gate reduces the need of man power  and some of them are car wash equipment with conveying messages to customers and many other line ups that are presented to them. You have the scope to interact straight with the customers. The only subject of concern is the security of money which is not collected by the attendants at the entry gate but is left on the counter for the vault. Sophisticated security systems provide absolute protection to the money once it is channeled inside the line and reaches the vault. It can be opened only with the authority of your system.

Flexibility in Payments

The modern technology has offered flexibility in the payment procedure. The customer who has received the car wash services can make the payments in various ways under the modern system. The sophisticated entry points provide several payment options to customers. These are through credit cards, the prepaid cards, the fleet cards, tokens, coins, currency and codes. The customers can take the benefit of obtaining tokens in advance for a car wash to be undertaken at a later date. The POS can create wash codes for use by the customer at the particular wash center at a later date. The car wash unit owner has the benefit to receive customers from many points and joints where the POS unit is linked. You have to be linked with a POS unit to get more traffic.

Get Customers

The modern technology offers some great ways to gain customer support in an abundant manner. With the latest entry station software, you can customize loyalty programs and can reach car wash sites easily.  These special sites have the quality to bring back customers over and over again by some kind of charm created by the customized loyalty programs.  They are able to retain the support of plenty of customers through some kind of prizes and gifts and so on.

There is the system of complete site management offered by this new technology. You can view or monitor every wash action in a single point or in multiple sites. You get the complete report on sales, the entire log book on maintenance, all the packages in programming and accounting reports as the benefits of the new technology programs.

Select Correct Entry Gates

Customers have different attitudes when they line up for car wash. Some may be loud; some are aggressive and so on. You should go for the customers’ safety aspect for a gate system. The new technology with sensor system is a correct choice. Sensors watch on the safety of the car when it makes the entry into the Car Wash Manufacturers . Break away arms helps in an impact and saves the car from any damage and ensures prompt fixation.

Look for Key Features

You should look for innovative technologies. Irrespective of your site, that is, whether you have the long-tunnel or multiple bays or one bay, you should guarantee most sophisticated mechanism to increase your profit part. Install a traffic management system to streamline your operation to increase your output and find the long line of satisfied customers, who are the backbone of your profit potential.

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