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Get info on the child education and development franchise with Huntington Learning Center franchise consultant, Best Franchise Solution, your Atlanta GA franchise consultant. Caring, qualified and committed to your child’s success.

Every tutor at Huntington Learning Center is here because they love helping children succeed. When you bring your child in for a session, you’ll see the constant encouragement and positive reinforcement that our educators have used with students for more than 30 years.

You can be assured that your child’s tutor is professional, caring and qualified to raise your child’s grades in any subject. All of our tutors are certified and college-educated, with many holding teaching certifications and master’s degrees. In addition to the intensive training they must complete to become a Huntington educator, our tutors undergo ongoing monthly trainings on Huntington teaching methods and our highly developed curriculum. Atlanta GA franchise consultant Best Franchise Solution is offering help with child education and development franchise purchases. Get the best Huntington Learning Center franchise consultant.

Buying a child education and development franchise requires an Atlanta GA franchise consultant. Best Franchise Solution offers to serve you as your Huntington Learning Center franchise consultant.

We’re only successful because our students are. Founded in 1977, Huntington Learning Center has served America’s students and families longer than any other tutoring provider. We help students ages 5 to 17 achieve remarkable improvements in their grades, test scores and self-esteem. The success of our program lies in the one-to-one attention we devote to every child and the expertise of our caring, certified teachers.

Your child deserves the best education possible. The world of tutoring is full of quick-fix solutions designed to get students through one test or assignment; but Huntington Learning Center has a different philosophy. We believe in empowering children with a lasting education so they can succeed today and in the future. Rather than fill your child with facts he or she will forget, we help your child master a skill before moving on to more difficult tasks and more advanced learning. This ensures your child is truly understanding the content, and developing the skills to learn and solve problems independently.

Imagine going from a class of 20 to a class of 1. We realize no two students are the same, and we stand by the philosophy that a child learns faster and more effectively when he or she has a teacher and lesson plan devoted to the child’s individual needs. Students are deprived of this personal attention in most classrooms and tutoring groups, which is why Huntington Learning Center is unique. We build a personalized learning program for your child based on his or her individual strengths and needs, which we identify using our in-depth diagnostic evaluation. Our highly trained teachers then work one-to-one with your child while still fostering a sense of independence. We make sure to teach at a pace comfortable for your child, ensuring he or she never falls behind. Please visit us at

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