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Home Based Franchises and Flexible Business Opportunities

If you want to save yourself the hassle of a commute and desire a flexible schedule, your own business and, if applicable, the ability to be a stay-at-home parent, home based franchises will give you a world of possibilities.
You can choose from a wide variety of options in every franchise industry, and benefit from a tried and tested operation, giving you more earning potential and less risk than going it on your own. These opportunities allow you to be part of a recognised brand name, and provide you with the training, support and launch assistance necessary to run a successful business. You will also benefit from a network of franchisees with whom you can exchange advice on how to best run your home based franchise.
Some examples of home based franchises are listed below. Many of these require simply a computer, an Internet connection and a telephone.
• Internet Franchises: This includes web portal franchises, which allow the franchisee to work from a home office and source advertisers for their website. There are also other online businesses and Internet services franchises that allow you to work from home. These may involve finding clients for websites or offering various services online.
• Magazine Franchises: These franchises are either actual print publications or online magazines, which focus on the local community. You work from home to find local businesses to advertise in your publication.
• Business Consulting Franchises: You can assist business with important tasks like business improvement, training, financial management and development from your home.
• Dating Franchises: By planning events from home, you can play matchmaker to singles. Occasionally, you will also need to leave the house to attend the singles events you plan.
• Travel Franchises: You can sell travel and vacation packages with a home based travel franchise.
• Children’s Franchises: A variety of options are available for home based children’s franchises, including children’s party, educational, drama and fitness franchises. Some franchises may require you to hold events and classes outside of your home.
• Cleaning Franchises: Commercial and domestic cleaning management franchises offer you the ability to run a home based small business. You won’t be doing the cleaning – you’ll be working on the sales and management side of the operation, trying to get new clients to sign on from home. Then, you will recruit cleaners to fill these contracts.
• Computer Franchises: By providing clients with IT support and computer troubleshooting assistance, you can operate from your home. However, this option may require you to go to the client’s home or office to provide services as well.
• Automotive Franchises: This includes car valeting franchises, which are often van-based operations that give people the convenience of getting their car washed whilst running errands. There are also many auto repair franchises, including dent removal and wheel specialists that are home based, although they require mobility. This would not be an ideal option for the stay at home parent.
It is important to research all your options before settling on a franchise, as you want to find the one that best suits your interests and fits your reasons for pursuing a home based franchise opportunity.
Before agreeing to invest, make sure to talk to people in the head office, current franchisees and even a franchise consultant. Ask important questions about earning potential, if the franchise is really “home based,” and what’s included in the franchise package. Make sure to find out whether or not you can run a home based business in your area. Check for regulations on using your home as a workplace.

Also, make sure to ask yourself whether or not a home based opportunity would be for you. After all, you need to be motivated, disciplined and highly organised to run a business that offers so much freedom and flexibility. Make sure you can set your own schedule, and separate your work and home life comfortably.
Beware of home based opportunities that are simply schemes to take your money. These scams will often be unwilling to disclose the exact amount of money you need to invest to be a franchisee and may be unwilling to put all the terms you have agreed upon in writing.
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