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Take Charge Of Your Financial Future With These Top 10 Work From Home Franchise Opportunities

Real people… real opportunities… real success. This is what the “work from home” franchise industry offers. And as more and more members of Corporate America search for financial opportunities outside the confines of their office cubicles, they are discovering a bright new future through these franchises. Specifically, they are becoming successful entrepreneurs by plugging into many of the top 10 work from home franchise opportunities you are about to discover.

When stepping out into the brave new world of self-employment, franchise opportunities offer fledgling entrepreneurs all the benefits of becoming part of an established brand with proven successful training, marketing and products. And with the myriad of top franchises exploding in growth, one does not have to look far to discover the perfect home based franchise business opportunity. From children”s services, property inspection and B2B consulting to personal care services, the time has never been better to take a lucrative leap into these franchise opportunities.

One compelling reason for the amazing proliferation of home based franchise income opportunities is their spectacular success rate. The fact is, approximately 90% of franchises succeed while 90% of regular start-ups do not.
So what are the top 10 work from home franchise opportunities? Buckle up and pay attention, for your future is about to take a sharp turn toward unprecedented financial freedom!

Senior Care Services

Healthy aging is the primary goal for over 76 million Baby Boomers who want to remain active, vibrant, and most importantly, independent in their golden years. This desire for independence and quality of life has created a massive demand for home services, and franchise businesses are rising to meet this challenge. Franchises offering comprehensive non-medical home services such as cleaning, running errands, meal preparation, medication reminders and house maintenance have become increasingly popular as they provide an aging population with wonderful alternatives to assisted living or nursing home placement.

Child Enrichment and Education

A number of business franchises have long been focused on childhood development and education. Today, however, many top franchises have expanded into areas such as test preparation, tutoring and learning assessment. Some work from home franchise opportunities even offer supplemental learning programs such as cooking, abacus and dance. This franchise industry continues to experience electrifying growth, with revenue increases of 6% to $21.9 billion during the 2004-2005 schoolyear alone.

Cleaning Services

Some of the fastest growing and most in-demand franchise business opportunities are found the cleaning services arena. From the daily cleaning of office buildings, industrial complexes, banks, department stores and healthcare facilities to giving your home the “white-glove” treatment, cleaning service franchises are some of the hottest home based franchise business opportunities around.

Tool and Equipment Distribution

Professional vehicle mechanics require specialized tools, which of course, makes for a perfect franchise business opportunity. Watch your home based franchise income opportunities grow like wildfire as your franchise sells and delivers quality mechanic’s tools, toolboxes, shop equipment and service equipment to busy mechanics in your area. It’s an ironclad gold mine!

Business Consulting and Staffing

Virtually every business, at some time, finds itself in need of the expertise of outside business consultants. With a boundless wealth of business consultant franchise opportunities available, you can become a part of this franchise segment’s impressive growth. And be sure to include business staffing in your franchise business plan. From clerical to healthcare staffing, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects this business to be one of the fastest growing industries over the next five to ten years.

Vacation Consulting and Planning

This exciting work from home franchise business opportunity is quickly growing in demand and success as destination weddings become more and more popular. Perhaps you’re a romantic at heart or simply love learning about exotic locales. As a business franchise entrepreneur, you will love connecting vacationers with the perfect cruise and newlyweds with the honeymoon of their dreams.

eBay Drop-Off Stores

eBay revolutionized the auction world with its online auctions, and in the process became the premier global auction website. In fact, more than $1,590 worth of goods is sold on www.ebay.com every second of every day. Thousands, perhaps millions, of people want to sell their items on eBay, but are often too busy or find the whole Internet bidding process too intimidating. This opens the door for a fantastic work from home franchise opportunity! Customers simply drop their items off and you post them on eBay, then sell and ship the items, making a nice profit for both you and your customer. This franchise opportunity provides customers with all the fun of an auction without any the hassle.

Home Repair, Improvement and Decor

The home improvement services industry scores high among the top 10 franchises due to its high demand and rapid growth. There will always be a demand for qualified, reliable craftsmen to handle the small home repairs and improvements that today’s busy homeowners simply do not have the time, equipment or skills for. Some examples of these very lucrative services include basic handyman-type services, house painting, remodeling, home maintenance, lawn care and landscaping, home furnishings and window treatments.

Property Inspection Services

Perhaps one of the most important, life-changing events we ever experience is the decision to purchase a home. You can become an important part of this thrilling process with your own property inspection service. Through this entrepreneur franchise opportunity, you will work with professional realtors and real estate brokers, creating an ever-expanding network of clients.

Carpet, Upholstry and Drapery Cleaning

We all know that the maintenance of carpeting, furniture and draperies, whether in a commercial or residential setting, is an ongoing necessity. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and the demand for these cleaning services has invented a booming franchise opportunity. But this opportunity does not stop with just standard cleaning. Disaster repair and restoration services are also quickly increasing in demand. From fire to flood, this industry is definitely an excellent home based franchise income opportunity.

Well, there you have it – the top 10 work from home franchise opportunities. Each of these industries boasts a stellar track record of success, with plenty of room at the top for hungry, motivated entrepreneurs. And remember, as a work from home franchise entrepreneur, you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

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